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on Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:08 pm
Heart Management Presents to you,
The Return of a Pulse!
The Begin of Something New!

ChrisBrown wrote:A man once said, Once a winner, always a winner. Pulse was a winner, but than it became what no man could imagine, a loser. One day a group of individuals will avenge our fallen, a group of real dedicated men.

What is "Heart"?

What is the Focus of "Heart"

How does A "noob" like me Join?

How do I apply for "Heart"?

What's it like in Heart?
• A Democratic Island of 35-40 Members. All recruits and members for the clan are made in a final decision by the Council. All members have an equal chance to be heard, but their is a small ranking system that this clan follows;
Owner (Only used in MAJOR cases) > Council > Member
Owner has as much powers that a Council member of Heart has, but would be used in major issues only. Kicking/Banning members from the forums/clan can be handled by Council. Councils can also be considered as an owner in this clan. Becoming a council in this clan takes dedication and timing. Only the active and dedicated will become part of the Council.

Applying for "Heart" hasn't been easier than ever. No testing, Just applying.
Just Follow the "5 Simple Applying Process"
1. Read the AS MUCH AS YOU clan about Heart, before even thinking of applying.
2. Copy and Paste the "Application" and fill it out.
3. Wait 24-48+Hours for a response.
4. Get Approved/Reject
5a. Welcome to Heart
5b. Re-Apply

Must Applicants/Recruits will notice that they will be rejected for minor causes such as "Not correct Format" or "Invalid Link" etc. This show's that our Clan likes professional recruits that follow the format as shown. We look for the minor'est mistake and make it the most major mistake that you've managed to do in your BeGone career. I suggest that you read the full Instructional Page for Formatting and so on.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^APPLY ABOVE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

-Heart Management

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