Hey Before using the "Heart Hideout" forum please Register for full use. Guests are not capable in applying, so please Sign up. It also shows your support to the "Heart" community, come down and chat if you will Wink

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on Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:42 pm
Do NOT make any Un-Necessary Posts on Forum; Unless it is in the "Off-Topic" Section of the Forums.

Welcome to "Heart Hideout",
This Forum is for Clan Purposes only, All Questions/Concerns regarding ANYTHING, must be only posted in the "Off-Topic" section. All topics created anywhere else are to be sent to the Basket without notice. Please be aware that this forum has open restrictions for everyone to reply to topics for your knowledge. If you have any questions or concerns please PM "Psych" via forumotion.

If you are here to apply for the "Heart" clan please apply using the application method found here.

General Forum Rules:
•No Spamming; Excessive posting in/on the forums or via-Chatbox.
•No Racism; Got something to say? Say it friendly, nothing that can be found harsh to others.
•No Trolling; This is a serious forum, not a joke. Here to F$*& around, Leave now.
•Offensive Language; Please use clean language, casual "swearing" is alright, nothing excessive.
•Hacking/Cheating Posts; This is an encouraged friendly arena of players, don't post something that you'll be trashed on.
•Bullying; Don't be mean.
•Multi-Accounting; Please contact an Administrator/Moderator to learn more about our Multi-Accounting Policy.

If you are caught breaking any of these rules by a Chatmod/Forum Mod/Members you will be escorted off the forums, simple as that. These rules apply for everyone, Clan Member, Recruits and Guests. Further punishments from the forums can occur. Please be smart and follow the rules.

Posting Where & How Properly:
This forum is a personal Heart-Clan-Hideout forum, that is personally used clan purposes. This forum is also open to the public to apply for the clan. All applications for the clan must be posted on this forum or NPlay topic. Do not post anywhere along these forums for "question" or other purposes. Any un-related posts in an Un-Certified section WILL be deleted. Thank you for your consideration.

-Heart Mangement

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